Sunday, January 20, 2008

GRIMWAR REPORT session 005!

Hello Everyone, and welcome once again to the Grimwar report!

Five is my lucky number so I bet this will go fine!

Let's go directly to the updates of the week...

1- Jon is working on scene 5, which means scene 4 (the one with the crazy battlefield and the war elephant in the background!!) is completely done!

2- I've already started integrating the animations together for scene 2, and it looks very nice...

3- JC and me have also been working on the story. We spent a lot of time defining the characters and what their role should be.
I will post drafts of the script in " .doc " files when I figure out how. You'll be able to read all our ideas and comment on them.

One character that we came up with is a Girl, I temporarily named her "Maya" (because she's born in the mayan setting, duh). She will play a very important role in the main story-line. Maya will be directly connected to the Grimclan and will be a key element in the summoning of the GRIMGODS!

She'll be changing a lot visually throughout the film.
Here's a pic of her:

So that's it, Thanks for reading, and don't hesitate to leave me a comment!

NEXT: I will do all I can to upload at least a little part of the animation, so you guys can finally see some results!!

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