Monday, February 4, 2008

GRIMWAR REPORT session 007!

Yo! Welcome to the GRIMWAR REPORT session numba 7!!!

Things are going cool with the clip...

Jon's finished animating scene 6!

he'll start scene 7 very soon!

While I'm working on scene 2 and 3.
Things are going a bit slow on my side because I have to manage My work at Ubisoft at the same time.

Here's a little gift from Jon:

Isin't that cool?
This is the Caesar type character representing the roman empire!

Okay, JC is working on the script, It's taking a while cause he just started school at the same time, but don't worry I'll force him to finish writing it this week!

Thanks for reading!

Have a good one!


1 comment:

pskunk said...

couldn't see the video. too bad. keep up the good work, i know UBI works their people hard, so bon courage!