Saturday, March 1, 2008

GRIMWAR REPORT session 008!

Hey, welcome to the Grimwar report session 8!!

I've fixed the link below, check it out:

I know, it's not very long...

So, how is the clip goin?

Well, not that bad, if you ask me.
Of course things have been evolving very slowly due to my contract with Ubidoft but the good news is my work for them is finished!!!!

This is great news for the project. From now On, I'm going to work FULL TIME on it!
That's right... FUUUULLLL TIIIIIME!!!!

Also, working at Ubi gave me money to buy (not hack!) a new program called After-effects CS3. It can do much more interesting things that the previous version...

As for our good friend Jon Veltman, well he's been busy animating.
Right now he is doing scene 7!!! So the animations are ALMOST FINISHED!!!

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pskunk said...

you rock jeik, we are all behind you!