Sunday, December 2, 2007

GRIMWAR REPORT session 001!

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to the first GRIMWAR REPORT!

These reports will be done once a week and will talk about the progress on the Film.
If you have questions, comments or anything, please send them to me and I will answer them in the next mail!

Okay, ready? let's do this!
here are the main topics:

1- I've finished all the artwork for the first clip.
There are 7 scenes overall.

2- Right now, scene one is 95% done, the first scene is quite diffrent from the rest because Jon did everything; animation, fx, camera movements, etc.
It looks very good and will start the film in a grand way!

3- Jon is presently animating all the characters and objects for the film, wich I will intergrate all together with fx, etc.
At the moment he finished scene 2 and is working on the last shots from scene 3. This technique is very fast!

4- there is no official scedule yet, but JC is working on it! we're just waiting a bit so he can be more precise on the actual deadlines.

5- I'm working on the script, I have all the key elements of the story figured out completely. Now I only have to detail the scenes and merge them together.

6- While we don't know the exact date yet, the movie is planned to be released before next summer, so sometime during spring!

that's about it! Please send me some feedback, ideas, story concepts, I take everything!
Thanks a lot for reading this, and see you next week!

NEXT GRIMWAR REPORT: I'll tell you where we are in the production and also, I'll talk a bit more about the story of the whole film!

Until then; HAVE A GOOD ONE!


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