Sunday, December 9, 2007

GRIMWAR REPORT session 002!

Hey Everyone,
Welcome back to this 2nd edition of the GRIMWAR report.

Just before we start; thanks for the comments on last week, and don't be shy, leave some more comments on the blog:

Things are going super well.

1- Jonathan, is presently working on the first shot of scene 4.
Wich means that he animated everything from scene 2 and 3.

2- As for myself I've started writing the 2nd draft of the scenario.
I already planned everything out from start to finish (nowhere near the final version).
I don't want to spoil anything but I'll just say this ; The 2nd chapter focuses much more on the Grim clan.

And as with everything in life, if there is good, there is also a bad side.
So the Grimclan is not alone in the struggle to witness humanity's errors.
They are not only standing by the side peacfully, they are being hunted by another clan.

Like the first chapter, we will follow he evolution of war in all time eras, from the great crusades to world war 2.
The background setting will be leading us to the present time for the 3rd chapter.

What is the true purpose of the Grim clan?
How do they survive after all this time?
By who are they being hunted?

All will be answered in time!

That's all for this week! Please send me some feedback, ideas, story concepts, anything!
Thanks a lot for reading this, and see you next week!

NEXT GRIMWAR REPORT: I'll be talking a bit more about the story, production notes, intergration of the animations and a bit more about the scedule.

Until then; HAVE A GOOD ONE!

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Peter said...

Melissa will be contacting you guys because Itinéraire magazine is doing a DVD with a piece on grimskunk. They will interview the band but will also interview you guys and have some clips from the grimwar series as well. Let melissa know if you have any questions.